Minimize the Carbon Footprint of
Meetings and Conferences

What is is a free online tool that helps minimize the carbon footprint of conferences, meetings, and other events that require air travel.

How does work?

Air travel is a major contributor to global warming. A single flown mile generates around 400g of CO2, in addition to other harmful gases. By entering the home airports of the conference's participants, finds the hubs that minimize the total amount of CO2 generated by all flights.

Who can use

Anyone can use, but it is especially useful for meeting planners, conference organizers, and anyone who plans or organizes events that require travel from 3 or more different airports, such as family reunions. can help you decide which hub to use as a meeting place.

How do I find the home airport codes?

When people register for the event, ask the participants for the 3-letter code of their home airport. Once this information is available in a spreadsheet or text file, you can copy-paste the information directly into the form.

How does calculate the distances? calculates the great-circle distance between the home airport and each hub, assuming a nonstop flight between the two locations. While a non-stop flight is not always available or will be taken even if it is available, this is a good approximation.

How to I add a hub to the list?

Please send a note to You can also use this email for other inquiries.

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